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Aug 1, 2019

Your Innovation Podcast. Episode 40. The end of season 1, the timing of season 2 and Doug's summer vacation. Listen to learn how to Find Filter and Fast Track Big Ideas.

Show Notes

Driving Eureka! Podcast - Episode 40




Tripp: [00:00:00] In this episode of the Driving Eureka! podcast, we're talking about the end of Season 1 and the timeline for the beginning of Season 2.


Tripp: [00:00:14] The Driving Eureka! podcast with Doug Hall and Tripp Babbitt is sponsored by the Eureka Ranch. The ranch specializes in helping companies find filter and fast track big ideas.


Tripp: [00:00:31] Hi, I'm Tripp Babbitt and I'll be your host for this fortieth episode of the Driving Eureka! podcast. If you remember last time that I recorded an episode, I didn't know where Doug was, but he's been dropping clues on a consistent basis, so I probably should have known better. He had talked about taking a break during the summer and so that's what we're doing. Apparently Doug goes to his Prince Edward Island home and he has a boat there and takes a couple months off. So when Doug was talking about taking a break, he really meant taking a break. And in some of the episodes leading up to the break and actually record recorded five episodes back in late June to cover off the month of July. And now that we're into August, he's still vacationing and giving his mind a respite. The conclusion is Doug is not lost. He is giving his mind a break. And he was laughing at the lady. I think that had to take a nap before she got creative. But he takes two months off to get his mind right and be be able to be creative. But I just thought I'd take a couple minutes and kind of look at some of the things Doug has been doing. So I went to his Facebook page and he has been cooking mussels and tomatoes and it looks like he's doing something really weird with fish. Looks like salmon and it's in salt something. It's very different, at least for my person. Or maybe that is that. Yeah, it looks like salt anyway.


Tripp: [00:02:23] They then use pictures of him on his boat and there's pictures of him where he's given money to piping in Celtic and performing arts of Canada.


Tripp: [00:02:36] He's kayaking, he's lounging.


Tripp: [00:02:39] He's drinking whisk(e)y which we see. Oh, jeez, there's a picture of Doug in a Speedo. What the heck? All right. I can't unsee that. He's making pizza to raise funds for a fundraiser. He's by a fire. So it looks like he's having a pretty relaxing time at Prince Edward Island. So, anyway, I caught up with Maggie Nichols yesterday and she told me that. Yeah. This is kind of his thing he does every summer. I knew he went there. I just did know he went for two months. So he's there relaxing and enjoying his time. And like I said, this is actually a very good thing for innovation as to give your mind a break. So those people that aren't taking a vacation on a regular basis, they need to do so now. You don't necessary have to take two months off, but your mind needs a rest in order to for you be able to use your creativity. So that's what Doug is doing and enjoying it. I myself am going to be going to Gettysburg and in the fall I'd go to the Food and Wine Festival at Disney World. So those are kind of my breaks that I take anyway. They are planning on starting Season 2, so we'll consider this the conclusion of Season 1 of the podcast and season 2 will start sometime in September and we'll have probably a bit different format. I know Maggie's got some ideas. I'm sure Doug does. And we'll have more when he gets back. I'm anxious to see what direction that they want to take the podcast. I had some ideas. I threw some in the hat too. But we'll start season 2 again in September. If I find some interesting information on creativity or innovation for my other podcast, which is Mind Your Noodles, where I have been looking at innovations, part of building a brain friendly organization is to be able to innovate.


Tripp: [00:04:49] It gets people's minds engaged and they get excited about doing innovation. We will begin Season 2 in September. But if I find something worthy of posting in the interim, I will do so and so. I hope you all have a good vacation sometime. If you haven't already this summer. Between now and when we start up in September. So thank you for listening. And that's your latest update. And you might want not want to see the Speedo picture of Doug on his Facebook page. Doug. That's just wrong.


Tripp: [00:05:39] Thank you for listening to the Driving Eureka! podcast. This podcast is part of the Innovation Engineering Institute. Innovation Engineering is a new field of academic study and leadership science. Its mission is to change the world by enabling innovation by everyone everywhere, every day, resulting in increased speed and decreased risk.


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